Allan Sarten

“I’m a dairy farmer and I use my MeloYelo ebike to get the cows and run around the farm. It’s so much better than getting on a big 4-wheeler.”

Rodney Dunlop

“My MeloYelo ebike has revolutionised my life. It gives me exercise. It saves me enormous amounts of money on petrol. And I can get all over town no problem.”

Kay Wells

“I was looking for a locally owned company with local backup. I’d heard MeloYelo fit the bill. My MeloYelo ebike is one of the best things I’ve ever bought … apart from my tennis racket.”

Chaddy’s Charters, New Plymouth

“MeloYelo back up their bikes with great technical service. A lot of the local bike shops were overpriced. MeloYelo ebikes were the right price and the service is great.”

Eddie Lyons

“I had this heart problem and I was struggling to get up hills on a push bike. Now I just put the motor on and it helps me up the hills.”

Gerry Maude

“We bought a couple of MeloYelo Cross bikes to ride an 80km mountain trail. On getting to the end of the trail we cranked our bikes up to full power and burned off some of the more expensive bikes. It was a smug feeling that drew some dirty looks.”