MeloYelo Two Year Limited Warranty

For their original purchaser, MeloYelo electric bikes come with a 2 year warranty on the battery, motor, controller and torque sensor, a 6 year warranty on the frame, and a 12 month warranty on other parts. Warranties must be filled out no later than 90 days from the date of purchase, or the warranty may be void. This warranty is subject to the bike having been used in a standard and controlled manner. It does not apply to the tyres or brakes.

If a defective part is found during the warranty period and the customer notifies us immediately, the seller will repair or replace the part based on its sole discretion. This warranty will be void if any repair or change is performed by any third party aside from an authorised Associate or service centre.

It is expressly agreed that this warranty applies only to the cost of repair or replacement of the product and its accessories and the seller is not liable for any financial loss and/or prevention of profit and/or any consequential loss that may be caused by non-standard usage of the product. MeloYelo is not responsible for any liability that may occur which could possibly apply to the product and/or its user due to the usage of the product and the customer alone is responsible for third party insurance and/or other insurance required. The seller is not responsible for any possible damage including bodily harm and damage to property. The warranty does not apply if any part of the product is damaged as a result of negligence, an accident, or inadequate maintenance.

All claims under this warranty must be made through an authorized MeloYelo Associate and must include printed or digital photographs (JPEG or PDF format) illustrating the problem along with the required claim information.